How to fix invalid Win key problem in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to fix invalid Win key problem in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to fix invalid Win key error in Windows 11.

Win key is a special key in Windows 11. By using this key, you can call Start menu, or it is in a combination of short keys, such as take a screenshot: Shift+Win+S. However, some software or game set Win key invalid when you are running a full screen software or game. And once you quite the software or game, Win key turns valid again. But if you meet invalid Win key problem, I recommend you to quit all software or game, and see if it works, or after a system restart. If all these ways do not work, there must be some problems with your Win key. Let’s see how to fix it.

Invalid Win key problem in Windows 11 solution

  1. Press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to call Task Manager
  2. Find the “Desktop Windows Manager”, click End task button to end it.

3. Check “Abandon unsaved data and shut down.” and then click on “Shut down” button.

4. Go back to Task Manager, click “File” – “Run new task”, and put “dwm” into the input box, click OK.

5. Click on Windows 11 Start menu, search “powershell”, and right click as “Run as Administrator”.

6. Type the following code and press Enter key.

Get-AppxPackage | % { Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppxManifest.xml" -verbose }

The command will fix the problem after the scrolling.

By checking this tutorial, I hope it can help you to fix Windows 11 invalid Win key problem.

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