How to fix disk 100% read and write requests problem in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to fix disk 100% read and write requests problem in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the solution for disk 100% read and write requests in Windows 11.

When we found that our Windows 11 may encounter big lags, the first thing that we should do is to check the Task Manager. In most cases, the reasons that cause Windows 11 lags is some software or Windows services took 100% CPU or memory. But there is 100% disk read and write requests which also causes Windows 11 big lags. We have some ways to solve this problem if it is not caused by hardware problem or messy software.

The Solution for 100% disk read and write requests problem

  1. Close Windows 11 Diagnosis

DiagTrack is the feature that comes from Windows 8.1, mainly for collecting formation of Windows 11 devices, and helping Microsoft to improve their products. Unluckily, this service costs system resources a lot. And it is worthless for common users. So I recommend you to stop this service running.

  • Right click on Start menu icon and choose “Computer Management”
  • Click on “Services and Application” – “Services”
  • Disable “Diagnostic Execution Service”, “Diagnostic Policy Service”, “Diagnostic Service Host”, “Diagnostic System Host” and “Connected User Experiences and Telemetry”

2. This problem usually happens in the Windows 11 device which has both Hard Disk Drive and Solid State Drive. The way to solve this problem is editing the power plan as the Balanced mode.

Run the Control Panel – Hardware and Sound – Power Options

3. Windows 11 update

Windows 11 auto update may cause this problem when you are using the computer, especially for the Windows Insider users. The solution is easy, turn back to Slow mode of update frequency or quit the Preview plan of Windows 11. You can update when you are free. Make Windows 11 update frequency lower.

4. Windows 11 driver optimization

Windows 11 can handle most hardware drivers, so that people neglect to install drivers. Like SATA drivers, Windows 11 always uses a stable but old drivers to drive it, but it may cause various kinds of problems.

If your disk meets 100% read and write requests frequently in Windows 11, that may be the reason. Go and check “IObit Driver Booster Review“, use IObit Driver Booster to update all drivers of your Windows 11 computer.

5. 4K alignment and SATA mode

This problem mainly occurs among users of solid-state hard drives. If your computer uses an SSD, but you don’t feel the obvious speedup in daily use, then you can consider whether it is 4K misalignment of the hard drive.

In layman’s terms, 4K alignment means that the hard disk and the operating system share the same storage standard to avoid data being split multiple times. The complete 4K alignment is actually divided into two parts, partition alignment and whether the AHCI mode is enabled in the BIOS.

Use AS SSD Benchmark to check 4K alignment

To check 4K alignment, you can use AS SSD Benchmark, a small tool, which is a green software with a volume of less than 1MB.

After starting the software, the current hard disk will be detected automatically. Among them, iaStorA and xxxx K are the two most important indicators. The upper one represents whether the AHCI mode is turned on, and the lower one represents whether 4K is aligned.

If there is an item that does not display OK, then you can determine that it caused the system to freeze, and then continue processing.

AHCI needs to enter the BIOS mode to turn on

AHCI is relatively simple to open, just enter the BIOS to find the SATA mode. For 4K alignment, you need to repartition the hard disk and check the 4K alignment option when partitioning (you can also directly use the Windows 11 installer to partition). It should be noted that no matter what kind of situation, it will cause loss of hard disk data. Please back up important files by yourself first.

6. Add more physical memory

Even though the Windows 11 minimum hardware requests is 2GB, but it will have big differences when your Windows 11 is running under 4GB or 8GB memory device. So do make sure that your physical memory is equal as or bigger than 8GB.

These ways are useful to solve 100% disk read and write problem. Leave me a comment if not.

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