How to enable/setup Windows 11 built-in virtual machine

This article teaches you how to setup Windows 11 built-in virtual machine. Follow the tutorial, you’ll learn the way to enable Windows 11 virtual machine feature and setup it properly.

People, who needs to use virtual system, may have already known that there is VMware for creating and running various kinds of virtual systems, like Windows, Linux or black MacOS, etc. However, VMware is quite experience for enterprise use. Many people may not know that Windows 11 has its built-in Virtual machine system which also allows users to create and run virtual systems. That is Hyper-V.

Hyper-V can use both para-virtualization and full-virtualization to create virtual machines. The paravirtualization method requires that the virtual machine and the physical host have the same operating system (usually the same version of Windows) in order to achieve high performance of the virtual machine; the full virtualization method requires the CPU to support full virtualization functions (such as Inter-VT or AMD) -V) to be able to create virtual machines using different operating systems (such as Linux and Mac OS). In terms of architecture, Hyper-V has only three layers of “hardware-Hyper-V-virtual machine”. It is very small, simple in code, and does not contain any third-party drivers, so it is safe and reliable, efficient in execution, and can make full use of hardware resources. Make the virtual machine system performance closer to the real system performance.

However, Hyper-V feature doesn’t exist in Windows 11 Home edition, you shall upgrade Windows 11 to Pro edition at least. And now let’s see the tutorial to enable & setup Windows 11 Hyper-V

How to enable Windows 11 Hyper-V

  • Press Win key and search “Control Panel”, press enter key
  • Click Programs
  • Click “Turn Windows features on or off”
  • Enable “Hyper-V”

After you click the OK, Windows 11 will download Hyper-V components automatically, and then a restart of computer is required. And after the restart, you will get “Hyper-V Manager” and “Hyper-V Quick Create” in Windows 11 start menu.

How to setup Hyper-V in Windows 11

It is very easy to create a new virtual system by using Hyper-V, very similar with the actions in VMware. Because I now don’t have any system ISO file, so I just show you the first step to create a virtual machine.

Run “Hyper-V Manager”, you’ll be able to see the following interface:

There is a Quick Create hyperlink in Actions dialog, click it and follow the wizard to create a new virtual system. Once it is done, you can run the virtual machine in “Virtual Machines”. Or you can directly import virtual machine files if you already have before.

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