How to enable or disable Windows 11 Spotlight

This article teaches you how to enable or disable Windows 11 Spotlight. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to enable or disable Windows 11 Spotlight.

Windows 11 Spotlight is a amazing feature for users to have a charming lock screen background. This Spotlight automatically connects the pictures of Bing picture search, showing different beautiful pictures each time when you locked screen.

These beautiful images will be the background of Windows 11 lock screen after Windows Spotlight is enabled.

This feature is highly recommended to enable. Every time I locked my screen for doing things out of my desk. Since I enabled this feature, I always stay dozens of seconds to watch the screen and then go out side. This is surely amazing but really waste time.

Enable or disable Windows 11 Spotlight Tutorial

Open Windows 11 settings, choose “Personalization” – “Lock Screen”

Select “Windows Spotlight” in drop list of “Personalize your lock screen”.

BTW, you can set some widgets on Lock screen with Spotlight at background. Weather, Remote Desktop, Calendar or Mail etc.

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