How to enable or disable Windows 11 SmartScreen

This article teaches you how to enable or disable Windows 11 Smart Screen. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn how to enable or disable Windows 11 smart screen.

Windows 11 SmartScreen is a part of Windows 11 defender actually. It protects you from suffering badware effects, such as malicious or Potentially unwanted apps, files and websites. Disable Windows 11 SmartScreen is not recommended. You’d better enable it all the time for your security.

Usually, Windows 11 Smart Screen stops:
  • The applications without digital signature. The digital signature shows you who developed this application. If there is no digital signature added, this program is not that reliable, cause it may contain unwanted things.
  • PUA. You can check this article for PUA
  • Virus.
  • Privacy leaks.

Windows 11 Smart Screen enable or disable tutorial

There are two places to control Windows 11 Smart Screen:

  • Smart Screen settings in Windows 11 default browser Edge

Open Windows 11 Edge settings, type “Smart” in search bar of Edge Settings.

You will find there is options for you to enable or disable Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. This option helps you to protect you from malicious sites and downloads with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen.

And the “Block Potentially Unwanted apps” helps you to block downloads of low-reputation apps that might cause unexpected behaviors.

And “Use Secure DNS to Specify how to lookup the network address for websites”, I recommend you to customize your DNS to and These two DNS are the fastest and most secure DNS in this world. You can check “How to customize Windows 11 DNS“, see how to customize Windows 11 DNS.

  • App & Browser control

Open Windows 11 settings, search “browser control” and click “App & Browser Control”.

There are three settings that you need to adjust:

Reputation-based Protection. These settings protect your device from malicious or potentially unwanted apps, files and websites.

Isolated browsing. Microsoft Defender application guard opens Microsoft Edge in an isolated browsing environment to better protect your device and data from malware.

Exploit protection. Exploit protection is built into Windows 11 to help protect your device against attacks. Out of the box, your device is already setup with the protection settings that work best for most people.

These three options needs to be active for your privacy and security.

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