How to enable or disable Windows 11 auto update?

This article teaches you how to enable or disable Windows 11 auto update. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn enable or disable Windows 11 automatically update.

Windows 11 automatically download the latest updates and asks you to update occasionally. Most of Windows 11 update packs require you to restart the computer, or install them when you want to shut down the computer. As a computer for an individual, we usually are not afraid of being hacked by hacker. And the updates sometimes really make us annoy.

Try to think about it: when you are working or playing games, a popup window tells you a new Windows 11 update is ready to be installed, and it asks you when you want to install. Wooh, that drives me crazy.

But those Windows 11 updates keep our computer safe and maybe less blue screen. I strongly recommend you not to disable it. No matter how, please check the following tutorial see how to enable or disable Windows 11 auto update.

Enable or Disable Windows 11 auto update tutorial

Press “Win” key(next to left Ctrl) and click “Settings”

Select “Windows Update” at the left sidebar and then select a Windows 11 update pause period for weeks that you prefer.

This is not the real enable or disable Windows 11 auto update. I really do not recommend you to disable it, cause Windows 11 update is really helpful and useful to keep your Windows 11 faster, more features and more secure.

And in Advanced options of Windows Update settings, there are some more options needs to care about.

You can adjust things bellow:

Receive updates for other Microsoft products (Get Microsoft Office and other updates together with Windows updates)

Get me up to date (restart as soon as possible even during active hours to finish updating, and notify me 15 minutes before starting so I can make sure this device is on and plugged in)

Download updates over metered connections (data changes may apply)

Active hours (we won’t restart your device during these hours)

This options, you can make some changes according to your individual situations. That is enable or disable Windows 11 auto update options.

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