How to enable or disable “Most used apps” in Start Menu of Windows 11

This article teaches you how to enable or disable “Most used apps” in Start menu of Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to active or disactivated “Most used apps” in Start menu of Windows 11.

The Most used apps is a list which is located at the start menu of Windows 11. It is useful when you want to run some applications which you used a lot, by pressing Win key and click the software in it. However, there comes a problem. If your computer is not a private computer for you only, others may know the software that you used a lot. Or the most used apps are not your frequently used, cause they may be frequently used by others. This is about your privacy.

And for the people who press Win key and type keywords of software names and press enter to call the software, this is faster than browsing the list of most used apps. You have to look carefully for the list where your application is. I get use to search the keywords. So I’d like to disable Most used apps feature of my computer.

Enable or disable Most used apps in Windows 11 tutorial

Press Win key and click settings, choose “Personalization” – “Start”

And then activate or deactive the Most used apps feature by changing the switcher.

Make “Show most used apps” off is the way to protect your privacy, remember that.

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