How to enable or disable Transparency of Windows 11

This article teaches you how to enable or disable Transparency of Windows 11. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn how to enable or disable transparency in Windows 11.

As we all know that Windows 11 dramatic effect costs computer resources, even very little cost. It is unbearable for game players, if the FPS of game increases just 1 after disable Windows 11 dramatic effect. Unfortunately, The Transparency of Windows 11 is something that cost computer resources which makes a better looking of Windows 11.

So users may require to disable or enable Transparency of Windows 11 when they want to release the full computer resources for games or special software.

Enable or Disable Transparency of Windows 11 Tutorial

Press “Win” key to call the Windows 11 startup menu, and select “Settings”

Choose “Accessbility” at the left sidebar of settings, and then click “Visual effects”. Visual effects controls Scroll bars, transparency, animations, notification timeout, etc.

Disable or enable Transparency effects option as you wanted.

It’s easy to enable or disable Windows 11 transparency effects. If you forget how to do it, go back to this article.

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