How to Download the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview ISO on UUPdump?

From, we can download and make the Windows 11 Insider version very conveniently. Note that these versions have a lifespan. Because they are all internal test versions, it is normal to install various bugs. It is originally an internal test version.

Notice: This Windows 11 Insider Preview is not the preview when Windows 11 first came out. It is the preview of each new update for Windows 11.

Friends who are looking for stability can download the versions in the Beta channel. Generally speaking, these versions are very stable and have few bugs.

Friends who are looking for the latest features can directly download the version in the DEV channel. Usually these versions are updated once a week.

Due to the particularity of the M1 Mac, you can only install the mirror of Windows 11 now. Even if you install the 21227 arm version of Windows 10, it will still be forced to upgrade automatically.

Here we take the creation of a stable version of Windows 11 image as an example. Let’s start the production process now.

  1. Open the official website. Address:

2. Click on “Downloads” at the top navigation bar of this site. You’ll see quite a lot Windows 11 Insider Preview editions bellow at the homepage.

3. Choose a proper one, and click. PS: do notice that there are x64 and ARM editions in Architecture.

4. Select the language that you want to use, and then click Next.

5. Choose the right edition that you want to download

6. Create and download the package

7. The downloaded package file size is only about 4MB.

8. Unzip the package file, and run uup_download_windows.cmd under Windows system if your computer is.

9. The script will download Windows 11 Insider Preview editions automatically in command mode.

10. After the download is finished, you can find it at the folder where you unzip the package.

In general, the process of downloading the Windows installation package from uupdump is not complicated. It is recommended to make it on a Windows system. After decompressing the zip file, double-click to run the Windows CMD script inside. But under actual circumstances, it still causes difficulties for many friends who want to try, so I write this article, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Alright, see you in the next article.

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