How to download and install latest Windows 11 drivers?

This article teaches you how to download and install latest Windows 11 drivers. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn the way to download and install/update hardware drivers for Windows 11.

In computer, there are some hardware that require drivers to work or run faster, such as motherboard, independent graphic card. And some hardware that require drivers for more features, such as earphone, microphone, keyboard and mouse. The latest drivers for these hardware really gives us something more.

If you formatted your system drive, and installed Windows 11, you need to download and install drivers to ensure your computer runs good, even though Windows 11 has installed most of hardware drivers.

People would like to download and install Windows 11 drivers up-to-date. However, when a driver has released a new version with new features, customers don’t know. The system wont tell you that there is a new driver that need to update. And nobody knows where to get it.

Today, I will show you the tutorial to keep all your hardware drivers are up-to-date in Windows 11.

IObit, the vendor of Advanced SystemCare, released IObit Driver Booster. With a single click of Scan, you will get a check of all your hardware and drivers. It helps you to match the driver with hardware, and give you the latest.

After the check, click “update all” button, all Windows 11 drivers will be downloaded and installed automatically, and you will never need to worry about Windows 11 driver things.

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