How to disable Windows 11 Startup Apps or Software

This article teaches you how to disable Windows 11 Startup apps or software. Follow the tutorials bellow, you will soon learn how to disable Windows 11 startup apps or software.

Some app or software once is installed on Windows 11, it always run automatically when Windows 11 starts. People don’t need them to run automatically, because these apps or software take computer hardware resources, may slow down Windows 11 or playing games.

In my opinion, the deserved Startup Apps should be drivers, sync software, the software for protecting security or privacy. You need to remove other apps which startup with Windows 11 immediately.

Disable Windows 11 Startup Apps or Software Tutorial

Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” to call Task Manager

Choose Startup on top navigation bar.

Select the app or software that you want to disable when Windows 11 startup.

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