How to customize Windows 11 Widgets

This article teaches you how to customize Widgets in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll learn the way for Windows 11 Widgets customization.

Windows 11 Widgets is useful for users to get the quick information about Weather, To Do, Photos, Sports, Entertainment, Traffic, Watchlist, Outlook Calendar, Tips, Esports, Family Safety, and Microsoft 365. It is quite useful no matter you are using Windows 11 computer, tablets, laptop or mobile. Like the IOS and Android, if there is any important message, that Windows 11 considered it important to you, you will get notification and the click on notification will bring you to the widgets’ panel. This helps you to increase device using efficiency. With the combined widgets, you will cost less time to checkout daily information.

Before you can use Windows 11 widgets, you need to sign in your Microsoft account. Otherwise, you are unable to use Widgets. Cause all widgets will be set in your Microsoft account(Online). However, once you logged in Microsoft account in Windows 11, you may have to type password each time you open your Windows 11 device. Please check “Windows 11 Auto Login“, it teaches you how to remove Windows 11 login password.

How to enable Windows 11 Widgets

Before you customize Windows 11 Widgets, you shall enable it.

  • Right click on blank space of Taskbar
  • Choose “Taskbar Settings”
  • Turn on Widgets
After you activated the Widgets feature in Windows 11, there will be a Widget icon that appears on the middle of taskbar.

Click on the Widget icon, you will get your Widgets display.

My Microsoft account is a Chinese account, so it will display information according to the preferences of your Microsoft account.

And if you want to customize Widgets, click on right up corner “…” of Windows 11 Widgets in upper screenshot. Windows 11 default browser will guide you to Microsoft official site to set the Widgets. And after the widgets setup, your Windows 11 Widgets will change into your favorite ones automatically.

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