How to customize Windows 11 wallpaper

This article teaches you how to customize Windows 11 wallpaper. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn how to do Windows 11 wallpaper customization.

Windows 11 default wallpaper is not that good for users to show their personalities. You will get some abstract wallpapers which are not drawn by Van Gogh. And the default Windows 11 wallpaper doesn’t change.

Windows 11 Wallpaper Customization Tutorial – Local Wallpaper

Open your browser, visit Google and search xxxxx wallpaper (xxxxx should be the specific topic, like hot girl, car, cartoon etc.). Save the favorite wallpapers into your hard drive. Collect them all.

Right click on Windows 11 Desktop, select “Personalize” and then choose Background in that window.

Change “Personalize your background” from Picture to Slideshow and then click “Brose Photos” to select all your downloaded images. Windows 11 will automatically change wallpaper one by one.

The best free Windows 11 wallpaper customization software

Now that I am introduce the best free Windows 11 wallpaper customization software to you, it should have no ads or in-software purchase.

Dinamic Wallpaper does not depend only on Bing or Windows Spotlight to bring you wallpapers. The universal app offers wallpapers from sources like 500px Pulse, 500px Macro and NASA Astronomy. Moreover, you can even add your very own pictures to the collection. As with most other wallpaper apps, Dinamic Wallpaper automatically changes lock screen and desktop wallpapers. It also lets you save the wallpapers automatically and set the Bing region.

It only asks a donation. But if you don’t want to denote, that’s ok.

I wish you have fresh new Windows 11 wallpaper every moment to keep your pleasure.

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