How to customize Windows 11 touch keyboard size & theme

This article teaches you how to customize Windows 11 touch keyboard size & theme. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way for customizing Windows 11 touch keyboard size & theme.

The Windows 11 touch keyboard size and & theme customization is mainly used for surface or third party touch devices, which have a touch screen. In Windows 11, the touch keyboard can have different keyboard themes and sizes to meet different requirements of users. Sometimes, if your physical keyboard or some keys doesn’t work, you can call touch keyboard as a temporary solution.

Go to Windows 11 settings, click “Personalization” and then “Touch Keyboard”

Dragging the scroll bar of “Keyboard size” to adjust the touch keyboard size. PS: if you can’t make it back to 100%, just click the down arrow, and choose “Reset” to set the keyboard size back to 100%.

And then choose your favorite theme in the list of “Keyboard theme”.

There are some additional settings for touch keyboard, you can set them as your wish.

  • Enable or disable keyboard background
  • Adjust key size between small, medium and large for different ages of users.
  • Preview your touch keyboard style

I believe if you have a touch screen device of Windows 11, and if you love beautiful things, this customization of Windows 11 touch keyboard is a must.

There are three ways to call Windows 11 virtual keyboard:

  • Win+Ctrl+O
  • press Win key and type “keyboard”, and choose “On-screen keyboard” in search list. Enable “On screen keyboard”.

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