How to customize Windows 11 Start menu to Windows 10 classic style

This article teaches you how to customize Windows 11 start menu to Windows 10 classic style. Follow the tutorial bellow, you’ll be able to set Windows 11 start menu back to Windows 10 style.

Windows 10 has been released for about 6 years. During these years, many people get used to the Windows 10 start menu already. So when Windows 11 changed the Windows 10 classic start menu, people, who upgraded their system to Windows 11 from Windows 10, complained a lot about the new start menu of Windows 11.

Usually the changes will come with the new systems. In my opinion, people need to get used to the new Windows 11 start menu, cause it causes no difference if you usually use searches instead of clicks. However, there is needs, the exist has its meanings. Let’s do it.

Windows 11 start menu to Windows 10 classic style customization tutorial

  • Press Win key and search “Registry”, and choose “Registry edtior”
  • Access HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  • Right click at the blank space of main window, choose “DWORD(32 Bit)”, and rename this newly created item as “Start_ShowClassicMode”
  • Double click on “Start_ShowClassicMode”, and set its value as 1
  • Restart the computer

After the Windows 11 start menu style turns back to Windows 10 classic one, this will make the whole interface a little wired. If you really want to do so, please do another action to make it better:

  • Press Win key and click Settings
  • Click “Personalization”
  • Click “Taskbar”
  • Expand “Taskbar Behaviors”
  • Change the Taskbar alignment to left.


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