How to customize Windows 11 IP address of network

This article teaches you how to customize Windows 11 network IP address. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn Windows 11 IP address of network customization.

People used to customize network IP address in Windows 11 to code the computers for recognize the identification of each computer. If there is something wrong with that computer, the network manager will immediately know which computer encounters problems and whose the computer is. Network IP address customization of Windows 11 helps you to identify that.

This usually is used in company. Sometimes, people wants that at home as well. Check the tutorial bellow.

Windows 11 Network IP address customization

Right click the network icon at the right bottom or taskbar, choose “Network and Internet Settings”

Click “Ethernet”

Click IP assignment Edit button.

Choose the “Automatic (DHCP)” to “Manual”, and set the IP address, such as, Subnet msk, like, and Gateway gate way address should be the router’s IP adress)

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