How to customize Windows 11 desktop

This article teaches you how to customize Windows 11 desktop. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn the way for Windows 11 desktop customization.

To create a beautiful Windows 11 desktop, the simplest way is to hide all icons on desktop. Just delete all icons will give you full view of desktop. And if you want to make your desktop cool, you can try the following software.

Windows 11 desktop customization software – Rainmeter

Rainmeter, the most famous Windows 11 desktop beautify and extend software. Due to its powerful customizing feature, no matter concise or cool theme, geek style system monitoring and extension, Rainmeter is only limited by your imagination.

There are quite a lot Rainmeter themes on Internet, you can have a Google search and download them. Or you can search Rainmeter block in Reddit, there are many themes shared as well. And you can find the tutorials and themes for Rainmeter.

Windows 11 desktop customization software – SAO Utils

Sao Utils is a startup menu that developed by Chinese, UI copying from Sword Art Online. You can use it to monitor system conditions, email notifications, noval reading, etc. What’s more, SAO Utils allows you to call main menu anywhere.

Windows 11 desktop customization software – Wallpaper Engine

Different from upper software, Wallpaper Engine just focus on dynamic wallpapers. You can design pictures, videos, 3D modals, web pages even applications as your wallpaper. This Engine can be downloaded in Steam, and in its workshop, you can find thousands of wallpapers which meet your needs.

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