How to customize Folder icons in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to customize folder icons in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to customize folder icons in Windows 11.

The Windows 11 folders always have the same style: a yellow paper file. We have to firstly make sure the folder name, then we’ll see if it is the folder that we want to access. Usually there are only a couple of folders, which we frequently visit, in a partition. So what if we set a unique folder icon for each folder that we frequently use? Like this one.

With the special icon, you will be able to quick locate the folder that you want to access. And this is quite easy to set.

Open file explorer, find the folder that you want to set icon, right click on it, and choose “Properties”

Choose “Customize” at the top navigation bar of Properties, and “Change icon” button under “Folder icons”

There will be a list of icons that you can choose

However, these icons are Windows 11 icons. If you want to use the special icon, here is the process:

  • find a favorite square sized png image, like on “Flaticon
  • download the image. Notice: the image fine extension is PNG
  • Go to google search, “PNG to ICO”, convert the png file to ICO format, and download it.
  • Click the Browse button to locate the ico file, and you will see that your folder icon changed to the favorite icon

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