How to create system recovery point in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to create system recovery point in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will soon learn the way to create system recovery point in Windows 11.

It is important for users to create a system recovery point in Windows 11, cause you’ve no idea when and how your Windows 11 totally crash. A system recovery point helps you to save time for reinstalling Windows 11, applications, software and the settings which you have already setup for your habit. It is like time machine to return the status of Windows 11 back to a proper time when Windows 11 has no problem.

In my mind, if you don’t download any applications or software from those download sites, you won’t need to do a Windows 11 recovery. I only trust the software official site to download various kinds of software that I needs. Never run any unknown exe files which may contain virus or badware.

In fact, in these days, virus comes less and less. Little programmer will design a virus to crash your computer, but for stealing your privacy or displaying unwanted Ads. All these things, I call it as badware. Even though Windows 11 defender can identify most of them. Once they are living in your computer, they keeping stealing privacy and shows unbearable Ads. Very annoying.

At this time, if you don’t know how to deal with these badware, which usually can’t be cleaned even if you uninstall them. You need to use system recovery point to get rid of them.

Create system point in Windows 11 Tutorial

Press “Win” key and type “Recover”, choose “Create a restore point” in list of settings.

In System Protection tab, you can choose the partition which you want to create a recovery point, and single click Configure.

Firstly Turn on system protection, and drag the Max Usage to about 50 – 60GB size for storing system recovery point for Windows 11.

After that, if you meet any problem of Windows 11, you can use this recovery point to recover Windows 11.

And if, I wish it won’t be, after the recovery, you still meet the problem, You have to format your system drive, and reinstall Windows 11.

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