How to create new desktop on Windows 11

This article teaches you how to create new desktop on Windows 11. Follow the steps bellow, you will easily to learn how to create new desktop on Windows 11. 

The Way to Create New Desktop on Windows 11 

Simply press Ctrl+Win+D, you will immediately create a new desktop on Windows 11.

Or click the icon which is right next to Search icon in task bar, can click New desktop to create one. 

All of your running software or apps will not be displayed on this new desktop, as clean as the moment that you just started your computer.

How to quick switch from one desktop to another in Windows 11?

If you are not in a hurry, just click “Task View” icon in Task bar, and choose the desktop which you want to switch. 

But if you are playing games or watch some private pages on Internet, and then your boss or parents come, you need fast switch, remember this shortcut keys: Ctrl+Win+→ for switching to right  desktop, and Ctrl+Win+← for switching to left desktop. 

Or simply press Ctrl+Win+F4 to close this desktop. 

LOL, nobody will know your interesting things now. 

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