How to covert currency real time exchange rate in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to covert currency in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to covert all kinds of currency exchange rate in Windows 11.

For the people, who are doing transnational business, want to know the real-time exchange rate of different currencies, and calculate the benefits that they will earn, there are quite a lot of ways to convert. You can do the search, visit the special website page to convert, use a specific software or something else. But Windows 11 has built-in currency real time exchange converter. You don’t need to cost time and energy to find the services out side, nor install any currency realtime exchange rate software or applications.

Take me for example, I get US Dollar from Google Adsense payment, and I am using Yuan in China. So I do often use some currency converters to convert US Dollar to Yuan, checking how much money I shall earn. There are two ways in Windows 11 that I highly recommend.

Google online currency realtime exchange rate converter

Usually the search engine, like Google offers a direct calculator to convert the currency. Try to search currency exchange, you will get a calculator to convert the money from one currency to another. Of course the exchange rate is real time. And with the chart right side, you can see the exchange rate history, even though it is not that important for you to calculate how much you earn.

What’s more, this Google currency converter offers virtual currency convert as well, such as Bitcoin convert. I don’t buy virtual money, but others may.

If you use this currency converter a lot, you can bookmark it as favorite, and you are able to do quick convert next time from your browser bookmark.

Windows 11 real time currency converter

Call Windows 11 Calculator, switch the calculation mode to Currency, and after a couple of seconds, which is used for update the real time exchange rate online, and then you will be able to convert one currency to another.

This Windows 11 currency converter doesn’t offer virtual money convert. And there may be a bug: each time I click “Update rates”, seconds later, it always gives me the 9/21/2021 9:36AM exchange rate to me. No idea why. If you meet the same problem or not, please leave a comment, so that I can know it is a Windows 11 universal problem or a problem just for me.

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