How to clean Windows 11 Virus

This article teaches you how to clean Windows 11 virus. Follow the steps bellow, you will soon learn how to clean Windows 11 virus.

In former article, I wrote “How to enable or disable Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 11“. Since Windows 10 first release edition was released at 21st Jan, 2015, I used Windows 10 for more than 6 and a half years. During using Windows 10 system, I never install any antivirus but Windows Defender. Windows Defender is much more useful that it stops virus or badware at the moment when you download it.

I always download software through its official website, never download any thing from non official site. Oh, forget to tell ya, there are only Steam(and games) on my PC, so Windows Defender is quite enough for gamers like me.

And now, Microsoft released Windows 11, and of course Windows 11 has Windows Defender as well, a powerful tool to keep your computer safe.

But fighting for virus, Windows 11 Defender maybe not that enough to reduce anxious of users. So here, I recommend you to use Windows 11 built-in antivirus, for cleaning virus and save computer hardware resources by installing no additional software.

Simply press “Win” key(next to left Ctrl), type “virus” and press enter, Windows 11 Virus & Threat Protection will be called.

You see, I have a test, and now after the scan, Windows 11 Antivirus can catch it. This will comfort anxious.

You can set “Quick Scan” “Full Scan” “Custom Scan” and “Microsoft Defender Offline Scan”.

If you Turn on “Virus & threat Protecting Settings”, Windows 11 Antivirus will submit the virus in your computer to Microsoft as a sample for virus database. And you can also “Manage Settings” there.

The default settings of Windows 11 Antivirus settings are all active, keep them active. That’s a good choice.

What’s more, Windows 11 Antivirus offers important file backup from hard drive to OneDrive(Cloud). In my opinion, worrying about file lose due to virus is not possible. Sync files by OneDrive is used for co-edit on different devices.

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