How to clean Windows 11 search history

This article teaches you how to clean Windows 11 search history. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to clean Windows 11 search history.

This Windows 11 search history is your search inside Windows 11. Pressing Win key and type any keywords for searching the applications or files in your computer, or a shortcut to Bing search. Windows 11 will automatically collects all the keywords that you typed and the results that you clicked for improving the search ranking in future.

Even though this feature seems that Windows 11 collects your privacy. However, every online search engine collects your search history as well, maybe duckduckgo don’t. And other users can’t find your search history inside Windows 11. It is automatically collected and store in device, and upload to Microsoft later. Personally I think this won’t cause privacy leak or security problem.

Clean Windows 11 search history tutorial

Open Windows 11 settings, choose “Privacy & security” – “Search Permissions”

Drag the scroll down, there is a “History”

If you want to turn off the search history collection in Windows 11. And you can click “Clear device search history” to remove all history in your computer.

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