How to check Windows 11 system version?

Windows 11 is a computer operating system newly created and developed by Microsoft, and the whole appearance is completely new! Microsoft not only integrates rounded corners and mica elements in the UI interface design, but also brings a rounded and unified visual style, which looks more beautiful and comfortable.

Moreover, many newly designed applications have been added, making it more convenient to use. Including the new Media Player, the new Snipping Tool and the new Photos app image editor and more.

It has been a while since Windows 11 was released. During this time, it has undergone many updates. Many users do not know the current version number of Windows 11. How to check it? Here’s a simple way to check.

  1. Press Win key to call Windows 11 start menu, Choose or search “Settings”

2. Scroll the main window to bottom and choose “About”

3. Scroll the main window to the Windows Specifications, and you can see the Windows 11 version and OS build there.

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