How to change the size of icons on desktop of Windows 11

This article teaches you how to change the size of icons on desktop of Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to enlarge desktop icons of Windows 11.

As the graphic card turns better and better, and the monitor turns bigger an bigger, the resolution of monitor comes higher and higher. With the higher monitor resolution, the things on screen turn smaller and smaller. The smaller items are really hard to distinguish, especially for the people who don’t have good vision, such as the elders.

In previous articles, I gave you How to change Display resolution of screen in Windows 11. With lower resolution, everything turns bigger. However, when you want to play games, you can’t use the best resolution in games. And in the article, How to scale text and applications’ size in Windows 11, you will know the scale way to enlarge the items visual effect.

But if you want to change the desktop icon size in Windows 11 only, there is a way.

  • Right click on the blank space of desktop
  • Choose “View”
  • Choose “Medium icons” or “Large icons”

Or you can press the short keys to change icon size

Ctrl+Shift+1: Super large icons

Ctrl+Shift+2: Large icons

Ctrl+Shift+3: Medium icons

Ctrl+Shift+4: Small icons

By using this method, you will get larger icons than common size. I do recommend you to use Medium icons. This one is quite enough for everyone.

Please check the following screenshots, let’s see the differences.

Super large icons
Large icons
Medium icons
Common size icons

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