How to boost games in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to boost games in Windows 11. Follow the tutorials bellow, you will soon learn how to boost games in Windows 11.

Windows 11 game players want to have better game experience, higher fps, less lags, better UI performances, etc. But the hardware limitations always can’t meet the requirements of game players. At this time, you need to reduce computer resources cost from Windows 11 and other software which are running, so that system can give more resources for the game that you are playing. That is a kind of optimization for Windows 11 games.

There are quite a lot of things that need to optimize for faster speed of Windows games.

  • Boost Windows 11 games by remove Windows 11 startup items

After you lighted up your computer, Windows 11 starts, and some software automatically starts as well. remove the automatic startup software from list will help you to save computer resources. I once write an article about “How to disable Windows 11 Startup Apps or Software“. By following this tutorial, you can easily remove startup software from Windows 11 startup list.

  • Boost games in Windows 11 by closing running software

The running software of course will take some computer resources more or less. So quit them all when you are playing Windows 11 games will surely boost Windows 11 games.

Check the taskbar corner, and quite the unnecessary running software.

  • Boost games in Windows 11 by enabling Windows 11 game mode

Windows 11 game mode forces your games running under the independent graphic card. No matter how low your independent graphic card is, it is much better than the integrated graphic card in CPU. And what’s more, Windows 11 game mode will automatically close something of software or some features in Windows 11 itself which takes computer resources.

In this tutorial “How to enable or disable Windows 11 game mode” shows you the steps. It is a must have option for you to boost games in Windows 11.

  • Boot games in Windows 11 by updating your hardware drivers to latest

Windows 11 hardware drivers will surely do some effects for your game speed. The hardware factories keep updating drivers for optimizing games under Windows 11. So keep updating your drivers will boost your Windows 11 games.

How can a user know when a hardware drive is update? Checking hardware official site everyday? No, you don’t need to do this.

IObit Driver Booster helps you to download and install the latest hardware drivers easily.

Simply scan your computer, and it will tell you which driver has a new update and one click to download and install them all!
  • Boot games in Windows 11 by using Razer Cortex Game Booster

Search “Razer Cortex” on Google, you will see Razer Game Booster. You know, Razer is a device manufactory just for Gamers. and Cortex is a software to boost Windows 11 games and create a social network between gamers all around the world.

This game booster automatically shut down unnecessary software or apps which are running, and disable Windows 11 UI effect options temporarily when your Windows 11 games are running, and enable them after you quit your games. This is a must have software for Windows 11 game players. It indeed releases a lot of computer resources for your games. And it of course boost your Windows 11 games.

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