How to batch multiple file names in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to batch rename multiple files in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll see the way to rename multiple file names in Windows 11.

Sometimes, people need to rename multiples with the same prefix or suffix. It will be great trouble if the files are too many. Nowadays, there are more and more personal computer files. Many times we need to rename and change the format of batch files, and make uniform and standardized modification of file names. For example, batch file name changes are one of the things that you often use. Function. So how to modify file names in batches? Next, I will explain to you the operation skills of batch modification of file names.

Without the support of any additional batch rename tools installed, Windows 11 offers you two ways to rename multiple files.

Rename multiple file names with the same name in Windows 11

  • Move all the files that you want to set a same name into one folder
  • Press Ctrl+A or use mouse to select all of them.
  • Press F2 to rename the first file
  • Press enter after the name is settled, and Windows 11 will automatically rename the rest files with the same name and (number)

These actions are quite simple to act. However, by this way, you can only batch the same name to all files that you selected. If you want set different names for different files in batch, please check the following tutorial.

Rename multiple file names with the different names in Windows 11

For example, how do you add the current date to the file name? Or you want to replace a few words or characters in the file name (such as a spelling mistake). Or you want the file to be modified according to a different renaming system, like this file-A.jpg, instead of the default file(1).jpg

  • Create a new folder at the root directory of a partition, and move all the files that you want to rename into this folder.
  • Run CMD in start menu, and input “cd ..” for getting back to the root directory of C drive, and then “cd 1” to access the folder that named as 1
  • run the command “dir /b>rename.xls” and press enter
  • Go back to the 1 folder in Windows 11, and you will see there is a rename.xls file in this folder.
  • Open this excel file, you’ll see the file names have been listed in this excel file, give them an appointed name for each at the second column.
  • give them a formula at the third column “=”ren “&A1&” “&B1” and drag the formula to the whole column.
  • select all lines of the third column, copy the content to a new notepad
  • Save as “Rename.bat”. Notice: the same folder with the files that you want to rename, and the “Save as type” value should be “All Files”
  • Then you will get a batch commend file in this folder, double click to run it.
  • After a second, you will get all the files in this folder renamed as the names that you want.

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