How to arrange icons on desktop of Windows 11

This article teaches you how to arrange icons on desktop of Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to arrange icons on desktop of Windows 11.

Since Windows 95 has been released, the shortcut icons on desktop turn to be a consuetude for software quick running or documents quick opening. It is indeed increasing the work efficiency when you are using computer. And now, Android and IOS systems are all put applications’ shortcut icons on home. We have to say that the shortcut icons on desktop are really accepted by the users all around the world.

However, as the time goes by, there are more and more applications for daily use, more and more files and documents are frequently used during using Windows 11 devices. So people create all frequently used applications’ shortcut and send to desktop, and save documents directly to desktop, and put some important files on desktop as well. Meanwhile, users keep deleting the important to un-important files or applications from the desktop. After a period, the whole desktop turns into a mess. At this time, files and shortcuts on desktop turn to be a trouble for all users.

Sorry that I have to find a mess desktop on Macbook, cause I don’t have that mess desktop.

More and more applications and files messed together, so that desktop no longer increase the work efficiency, but delay it.

And now Windows 11 offers the automatically desktop arrangement feature, and this feature helps the people who get used to a mess desktop.

How to arrange icons on desktop in Windows 11

  • Right click the blank space of desktop
  • choose “View” and active “Auto arrange icons”
  • And then choose “Sort by”, and select Item type

All files and applications’ shortcuts will automatically be arranged by item types, even if you delete some of icons, the rest of them will automatically be re-arranged. A perfect way to make your mess desktop clean and orderly.

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