How to allot disk space for different users in Windows 11

This article teaches you how to allot disk space for different users in Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you will see the disk space distribution for users in Windows 11.

There is an interesting feature in Windows 11: it supports to divide disk space for different users. Each of users will have their own storage place. This is pretty useful for the company or family which have less devices than users. Try to think about it, when your son uses computer, he can play some games and save learning materials in his disk space, and your daughter saves in her disk space. The files won’t be mixed, they can only check out their files.

Before you active this feature in Windows 11, you need to have a partition or a special folder for it. I recommend you to make a new and blank partition for this feature. If you don’t know how to make a new partition, please check this article Best Free Windows 11 Partition Resizing Software.

Disk space for different users in Windows 11 Tutorial

Open “My PC” and right click on the partition that you want to allot, choose “Properties”.

Choose “Quota” and “Show Quota Settings” if your hard disk supports space limits for each users, so a single user can not fill the entire disk. I am using two Solid State Disks, maybe all Solid State Disk supports this feature.

You must make “Enable quota management” option active, then you can set Limit disk space for each user.

What’s more, you can deny or allow when disk space to users exceeding quota limit. And you can also log event when a user exceeds their quota limit.

One computer for multiple users, different programs and disk space. That is a perfect solution. BTW, you must be administrator to make this settings.

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