How to adjust Windows 11 search indexing

This article teaches you how to adjust Windows 11 search indexing. Follow the tutorial, you will learn the way to adjust search indexing in Windows 11.

When you are doing search in Windows 11 start menu or search bar, you can get the results that contain applications, software, files or Bing search results. In MacOS, if you press Command+Space, you will get a search bar, in which you can search everything in your mac device, and Windows 11 now has the same feature.

But Windows 11 built-in search feature is not that powerful, cause it couldn’t index all files if there are too many files. You need to ask Windows 11 to index manually. You can make this setting in “Searching Windows”.

Open Windows 11 settings, choose “Privacy & security” – “Searching Windows”

In “Searching Windows”, there is an option that named as: Respect power settings when indexing – Change how and when indexing happens based on power and battery settings.

This setting saves power if you are using Windows 11 laptop and this laptop is using battery at present. So Windows 11 will not do search indexing at that time. But if you are using a Windows 11 computer, you can turn it off.

And for “Find my files” – choose where your PC will search for files, I highly recommend you to choose “Enhanced” option for searching your entire PC (may affect battery life and CPU consumption) – PC must be plugged in for initial indexing.

With this option, you no longer need to choose where Windows 11 indexes your files, that saves a lot of time and energy in future.

After that, you will find that the indexed number keeps increasing.

By proper using of this feature, you will quick call all files that you remember.

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