How to adjust Windows 11 Power Settings

This article teaches you how to adjust Windows 11 Power settings. Follow the tutorial bellow, you will learn the way to adjust Windows 11 Power settings.

Windows 11 Power settings bring customization of monitor and system sleep options. Sleep is good for power saving, and non-sleep is good for work.

Take me as an example. Under Windows 11 previous Power settings, my monitor always turn black 10 minutes later if I have no action on keyboard and mouse when I am not watching video. And then my computer goes to sleep if I have no action 20 minutes later. To call computer awake, it really costs time and wait. So I would like to my computer keep running instead of going to sleep.

Because when I get back to my computer, I need to work immediately. The awake process, which may cost me couples of seconds, that really annoy.

Here is the way to adjust Windows 11 Power settings:

Open Windows 11 settings, choose “System” at the left sidebar, and then “Power” in main window.

Click Screen and sleep, there will be two options displayed:

  • When plugged in, turn off my screen after
  • When plugged in, put my device to sleep after

I am not sure about the “When plugged in”. My computer is a PC, if it is not plugged in, I can’t run the computer. So I guess this word is written for laptop or tablet. Never mind, just choose the options to the one that you want.

I choose Never for both.

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