How much disk space in system partition for Windows 11

This article recommends you how much disk pace in system partition for Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll see you shall leave how much free disk space for Windows 11.

The Microsoft tells you that your system partition is recommended as 64GB for Windows 11. According to my test, the Windows 11 ISO file is about 3GB, and there will be at least 30 GB disk space needed for the Windows 11 and necessary software or applications are installed. But I don’t recommend you to give less than 150GB disk space for Windows 11.

As we might notice that the applications for Windows 11 will be automatically installed in system partition. Even though the applications in Microsoft Store are not big, yet you can’t change the default installing path for these applications. If we can’t change the installing path for Windows 11 applications, then here comes a problem.

You may know that Windows 11 supports running Android applications natively in near future. You may install and then run Android apps like the software for Windows 11. But till now, it seems that the Android app installation in Windows 11 can’t change the installing path either, which means all Android apps will be installed in system drive.

As we know that the Android mobiles have no partition features, there is only one partition, that is system partition. During using Android or IOS mobiles, the disk space turns bigger and bigger, cause the app size turns bigger and bigger. I am now using 128GB memory Android mobile, and the free disk space becomes less and less everyday, no matter there is new app installed or not. The size of installed Android applications are couples of hundreds MB, or even GB.

So if you give your Windows 11 partition just 60GB, I guess, you will soon have no free disk space for running or installing software, applications or even Windows 11 system. Luckily, Windows 11 doesn’t support running Android apps natively right now, we still have time to enlarge the system partition size for Windows 11.

If you do accept my advise, please check the article: How to resize partitions in Windows 11 and Best Free Windows 11 Partition Resizing Software. These two ways help you to solve the disk space is not enough problem. Let’s get ready to hug the Android Apps running natively in Windows 11 times.

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