Google ranking optimization avoids these pitfalls

The number of users in the search engine is very large, and Google is a very large traffic in the search engine. Therefore, many foreign trade enterprises will carry out foreign trade online promotion work on Google, but when doing Google ranking optimization, especially pay attention to the following minefields do not step on. Let’s take a closer look at Wancheng Cloud Business.

First, there is no maintenance after the ranking goes up

Although Google optimization, once the ranking is improved, it will not change too quickly, but the later maintenance optimization cannot be omitted. After all, Google’s natural ranking is not permanent. You do not do optimization to take it lightly, it is likely to be caught up by your peers, more than your website ranking, so do not think that there is no need to maintain after the ranking is improved, do foreign trade online promotion of this misunderstanding to pay attention to.

2. Modify the website title several times

Don’t change the title of the home page of the website, otherwise Google will think that your core content is different from before, will re-crawl the website content to evaluate the website, and will be judged by Google to be unstable for your website. Many enterprises may not have in-depth research and decision-making on the table title when setting the home page title, so they think of what to change in the later stage and repeatedly submit modifications, which is a typical minefield for foreign trade online promotion. But it is not completely impossible to modify, avoid frequent on it.

It can be seen that the professionalism and preliminary preparation of foreign trade stations are particularly important, and inexperienced foreign trade enterprises can contact reliable service providers to avoid these hidden dangers. Wancheng Cloud Merchant can personalize the foreign trade website for you in line with the Aesthetic Design of Europe and the United States, and pay attention to details to make your foreign trade official website different.

Third, anxious to see the effect

When companies are spending their time doing Google ranking optimization, they naturally expect to reap the results early. However, the Google optimization part of foreign trade online promotion needs to go through the process of establishing a foreign trade website that meets the optimization needs, with the help of internal and external link optimization, and continuous update of high-quality content. It can be seen that Google optimization is a long-term thing that requires persistent effort to do. Many companies want to see the results and use black hats to quickly improve their rankings, but this method is at risk of being banned by Google. Therefore, do not be too hasty to do Google optimization, this psychological misunderstanding should be changed.

The above is a few easy minefields for Wancheng Cloud Merchants to summarize the online promotion of foreign trade for enterprises, and it is recommended to let a professional team help to do online promotion of foreign trade and do a good job in Google optimization.

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