Free Windows 11 Data Recovery

This article teaches you free Windows 11 data recovery solutions. Follow the steps beollow, you can easily do Windows 11 Data recovery for free without data loss.

Be sure why you need Windows 11 data recovery

Of course data loss. But how your data disappeared? Different ways have different solutions. Usually there are common causes: delete by mistake, hard drive quick format, hard disk pysical problem, Windows 11 system reinstall and all files in documents, desktop or other folders in the hard drive patition in which Windows 11 is located.

If you deleted files by mistake or hard drive quick format, congratulations, you will have all chance to recover. Because the deleted or formatted files are still in your hard drive, just Windows 11 doesn’t know where they are.

And if you reinstall system without backup the files in system patition, you will have less chance to recover. The newly installed Windows 11 system may have chances to take the disk space of those files, covered, rewritten, and you may lose all of them or lose a part of them.

But if you have full hard drive pysical problem or full format, bad luck, you will have little chance to recover. The present hard drive is SSD hard drive, even manual data recovery can’t help you, and full format means erase all data in hard drive.

Before Free Windows 11 data recovery

Stop doing anything on the computer or hard drive in which your lost data in. Shut down computer, and plug out your hard drive, and connect it to another computer as an external hard drive.


Free Windows 11 data recovery

If you do search on Google, free data recovery, you will find a lot of software that support free Windows 11 data recovery. Here I recommend you:

  1. Don’t click any free data recovery software Advertise link on Google search results, cause they are commercial software. You need to pay for that. So neglect them all.
  2. I recommend you to use Easeus Data recovery Free and 7 Data Recovery. These two are the most useful for me to experience. Download and install, you can free recover most of your files. They allows you to free recover couples of Gig files.
  3. If you want to recover deleted files, choose “Deleted File Recovery”, and if you want to recover formatted files, choose “Formatted File Recovery” in Windows 11.

4, run both of these two data recovery software, see which one recovers the files that you want to recover.

This free Windows 11 data recover helps 95% users who suffers data loss.

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