Do not upgrade Windows 11 from older Windows but new install

This article tells you why don’t upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10,8,7,XP. You shall format your system partition and new install Windows 11.

Some users asked me why their newly upgraded Windows 11 is quite slow and has some unexpected problems, such as keep restarting, blue screen, failing to call the start menu, screen turns black, etc. And I don’t meet any of those problems during using Windows 11 in recent 4 months. After the investigation, I found why you meet such problems.

All the users who meet one or some upper problems are all the people who upgrade their computer system from older Windows system to Windows 11. And I can understand that. Cause Microsoft pushed upgrade permissions to the devices which meet the requirements to install Windows 11, and the upgrade is free. But that is the problem for the people who meet the Windows 11 errors.

Windows 11 is just released at 5th, Oct 2021. It is a brand new system to whole world. Try to think about it, when you were using Windows 10 or even older Windows system, you may have run it for couples of years without reinstallation. So there are quite a lot installed software and applications, or the leftover of the software or applications which have been uninstalled. Those software or applications, which may be incompatible with Windows 11, have conflict with Windows 11. The upgrade to Windows 11 process will make sure those software or applications compatible with Windows 11, so there will be some changes during upgrading Windows 11. The incompatible files bring the unexpected problems of Windows 11.

And the drivers, which are inherited from older system, may not be compatible with Windows 11 too. The drivers are the key files which ensures the right working of hardware. If the hardware can’t work right, there will come Windows 11 blue screen, slow, screen turn black, etc problems.

But if you format your system partition and make a new installation of Windows 11, there will be no such problems. The drivers will be newly installed, cause Windows 11 will automatically identify the hardware and choose the compatible drivers to install, and there will be no installed incompatible files of software and applications.

Do not worry about the Windows 11 new installation. The Windows 11 installation process is no longer than the upgrade process. All other things for you are to install your must have software, which may cost you one or two hours more. But it is really worthy to do so.

PS: if your Windows 11 suddenly turns abnormal, you shall try to think about what you just installed, and then uninstall or upgrade it immediately.

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