Do not shut down Windows 11 before you close the Windows Subsystem for Android

Unlike Windows 11 software or applications, Windows Subsystem for Android needs be to closed before you shut down Windows 11 computer, otherwise the Android applications that you are running may encounter problems so that you may not run them again in Windows 11.

Before Windows 11 supports Windows Subsystem for Android, I’ve been using Android simulators in Windows 11. If you shut down your computer without manually closing the running Android simulators, you may not start the simulator again, unless you uninstall and reinstall it. The virtual system is damaged without saving if you don’t manually close it. I met this situation for couples of times. This problem is quite annoying.

After I setup How to install Windows Subsystem for Android beta in Windows 11 and How to install Android APK files in Windows 11, I found the similar problem. I was running an Android game in Windows 11 under Windows Subsystem for Android last night. And I directly shut down my computer without manually close of that game. Today, I am not able to access that game any more. The restart of Windows 11 won’t fix this problem.

What’s worse, you may not be able to run any other Android applications under Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11 any more. If you boot any Android applications in Windows 11, you’ll see the sudden disappear of application launchers of Windows Subsystem for Android, on which you see the android application is connecting Windows Subsystem for Android. This situation is similar with the Android simulator problem that I mentioned just now.

What I figured out is the whole Android system is crashed, so that you have to uninstall Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11 and reinstall it. I guess this problem is hard to be solved, otherwise the Android simulators, which exist for many years, have solved this problem long before.

So I am warning you that do not shut down Windows 11 before you close the Windows Subsystem for Android.

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