Smash the Microsoft field? Have you played this unofficial version of the magic version of Win11?

Unofficial version of Windows 11 magic version?

February 28, 2022 Leonardo 0

Although there are many regrets in Windows 10, with the arrival of Windows 11, these contradictions seem to have all shifted to the latter at once. Whether it is the performance of pulling the hips or various magical “habit transformations”, […]

Windows 11: An alternative to Windows 10

January 14, 2022 Leonardo 0

Windows 11 contains some great ideas. Made some fundamental changes to Windows. Here are the pros and cons of Windows 11 advantagenew lookThe initial installation is clean and on purposeSettings menu is more usefulStore overhaul looks greatSnap View offers more […]

Best 5 password management software on Windows 11

January 12, 2022 Leonardo 0

Nowadays, there are a lot of account passwords registered online. Some friends may use weak passwords (123456/aaaabbbb/birthday…) or unified passwords for the convenience of remembering, which can easily lead to account password leakage. If the password is leaked seriously, it […]

The review of Inkscape for Windows 11

January 10, 2022 Leonardo 0

For graphic design technicians, Inkscape should not feel unfamiliar. Because it is often used when drawing vector graphics. However, there are also many new designers who do not understand Inkscape. Many new users ask what software is Inkscape? What are […]

Interpretation of the operating system 2021

January 6, 2022 Leonardo 0

From the perspective of technological innovation, the operating system has reached the ceiling of innovation and has not undergone substantial changes for many years. But at the same time, we have also seen the changes brought by cloud computing and […]