Can I run RimWorld on Windows 11? System Requirements

This article shows if you can run RimWorld on Windows 11 and its system Requirements. Follow the tutorial, you’ll see if you can run RimWorld on Windows 11.

No discount really because it’s really worth the price.

The low-end computer can also run well (now the realistic game I have a Geforce 720M computer that can run with high quality (but it will force 1x/0.5x speed in the later stage (but the experience in the early and mid-term is already worth the price)) ))
Rich game content
smooth development curve
There is always one of the three difficulties that suits you
Comes with Chinese support
Rich creative workshop (ps: The mods of the marginal sinicization group are basically good)

The game content is too rich (laughs)
There is no built-in support for vehicles and refrigerators in the game. That is to say, even if you develop the ability to use orbital modules to drop your colonists into enemy strongholds, they will still need to charge the enemy fortresses without the cover of armored units as they did in World War I, and every time After completing the mission at the airdrop point, you have to walk back with your feet. After returning to the base, the colonists will not be able to enjoy the bliss of drinking happy water from the refrigerator… But you can use mods, but you need to pay attention to the balance . Use GiddyUp to ride animals to increase travel speed, recommended √ Use the refrigerator mod to make it convenient for cooks and diners, recommended √ Use SaveOurShip’s space-age uranium fuel re-use shuttle to dump cargo, still recommended √ Use the airdrop bin to research after researching The “350 chemical fuel 1 ton flying big box lunch” is flying all over the world, it is not very recommended but if you like it, it is fine. It’s worth mentioning that you could consider using one of the vanilla series of mods to expand the animals mods to add vehicles and use GiddyUp to run colonists rides…but the scene looks indescribable.

A few hapless eggs have landed on a planet with a very strange level of technology. You can grow crops or breed animals to get food as you take technology from the stone age to launching colonists back into space in the space age. , and directed the colonists to gradually expand the colony. You can trade with surrounding settlements to earn money and replenish raw materials, and you can also recruit colonists to attack them in real-time control. You never know what these disparate colonists and this weird planet will do to you, like the exhibitionist and alcoholic clerk in my colony who made food poisoning half of the colony, provoking marines Scientists who were beaten up, heart-wrenching traders who never sleep until two o’clock in the middle of the night with scientists, and first-aid boxing doctors who have master-level fighting skills and occasionally carve some embossed reliefs of other residents on the furniture they make, And a “rare heatwave” that resulted in temperatures of 55C outside the house.

Oh, by the way, try not to use firearms-related mods before the firearms technology is selected. Otherwise, because the types of firearms in the mod are far more than the several built-in weapons in the game, your enemies are likely to be wearing animal skin clothes in the early stage. Came to visit the colony with Bobo Sha (although my colonists heroically killed him with javelins, but…what if someone came with a rocket launcher)

And don’t forget that every mod you add to the workshop is responsible for your later bug-response tears. As the so-called subscription is good for a while, sorting crematorium – it is difficult to figure out which mods conflict when there is a problem, especially those problems that only appear after ten minutes of playing

And recently I suddenly found out that the colonies in RimWorld are really socialism. Materials are fully publicized and available on demand. Everyone’s mental level is very high, and if you can use one, you will never get two. Everyone bears hardships and stands hard work. Even if the supplies are not enough to eat on the ground and sleep in the open air, they will continue to work with all their might. If necessary, all the colonists can be called up in the middle of the night and let them protect the colony or put out the fire together, without disobeying the order at all. Complete use of green energy, environment-friendly, sustainable development. Fight for everything that can be fought for, unite with all that can be united, even the thugs who have attacked the colony can join the colony to receive equal treatment, and rely on their own abilities to gain recognition from others. Work packages are assigned, and each person’s work is commensurate with their abilities and interests. I suddenly began to suspect that this game was produced by the Soviet Union.

But while you can command them to die, you can’t keep those marijuana-addicted guys from smoking the marijuana in the warehouse when they’re sick. It can be seen that drug addiction is really scarier than death, so this is still a propaganda game against drug addiction (laughs)

RimWorld Hardware Requirements

Processor: Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or other shader model 4.0
Storage: 1 GB free space required

RimWorld System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7

Can I run RimWorld on Windows 11?

I guess most users can meet the hardware requirements of RimWorld, so you don’t need to check the hardware requirements any more. After the test, I can run RimWorld smoothly on Windows 11. If you don’t, please uninstall RimWorld and reinstall it again. Enjoy this game.

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