Can a junior specialist get a job in a foreign company?

Yes, even now junior specialists have the opportunity to get a job not only in Russia. Of course, there are fewer vacancies for them than there were before the crisis, but they still exist. Also, despite the fact that the market situation has changed and will continue to change, competition among junior specialists remains very high. The entry threshold has also become higher. Therefore, today it is especially important to pump hard and soft skills in order to win the competition.

Working in a foreign company requires excellent knowledge of the English language. If you are planning employment and further moving to another country, raise your level by any means: watch English-language films, talk at home, etc. This way you will be one step above other junior specialists. To work in an IT company, a spoken language of at least level B1 is required. You need to quickly understand what the customer says, what tasks need to be performed.

Also very important is proactivity, the desire to continuously work on oneself, to gain practical experience. If this is about you, then it doesn’t matter if you are a junior or senior, you will succeed. Previously, a specialist could come after a course to a company where he was given a mentor and had onboarding. Employers now expect him to start delivering value at his level from day one. Practical experience plays a big role, for example, work on a pet project, a volunteer project, etc., some kind of teamwork. Of course, after hiring, there will be a lot of information, but it will be a little familiar, as well as the vocabulary used.

Any experience and knowledge should be immediately reflected in the resume. The main tool of foreign recruiters is LinkedIn. All blocks must be filled in. Mandatory in English. No need to reset your experience gained before entering IT. For example, if you have previously worked in the medical field, this would be useful for working on a healthcare project.

The IT industry is very dynamic. Junior specialists must constantly gain experience, continuously learn, follow trends in order to be competitive in the market. Education is your investment in yourself. And now is a great time for that. Your experience and competencies can be sold in any country.

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