Best Free Windows 11 Disk Cleaner

This article shows you the best free Windows 11 disk cleaners which helps you to speed up your Windows 11, and remove junk files. Unlike Windows 11 built-in Disk Cleaner, the following software give you more powerful and all-round cleaning services.

In recent years, more and more Windows 11 users use SSD drive. Cause it makes computer much faster, no matter for Windows 11 startup or running. But SSD drive in past days has much less space than hard drive disk(HDD). you will find your SSD is full occasionally. Sometimes , this is rather annoying, and you can not save any files, or your Windows 11 turns slow.

At this moment, Windows 11 built in disk cleaner gives you little help about that. So Please check the following free Windows 11 Disk Cleaners which are more powerful.

Best free Windows 11 Disk Cleaner – Ccleaner Free

Ccleaner is the first free Windows disk cleaner in this world since 2004, and it of course supports Windows 11. Ccleaner is designed for cleaning junk file for your system.

“Your PC feels under the weather” reminds me the old “Speed up My PC”.

It cleaners many things:  cleans web browser temporary folders and files, cleans the Windows registry of unwanted or unused registry keys, and provides an easy way of preventing unwanted programs from running at startup.

Time changes, ccleaner turns to have more and more features which are not related with junk files clean. It is not that pure at more. Anyway, enterprise needs money for running, that could be understood. I have to say that ccleaner was a few Ms, but now, its size is 35M, much bigger with useless features as a cleaner.

Click here to visit Ccleaner Official website

Notice: if you are using Edge to download ccleaner, it may block it, telling you that ccleaner might be harmful for your computer, then click “Keep” to save ccleaner.exe.

Best Free Windwos 11 Disk Cleaner – IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

All-in-one PC optimizer to clean junk files, sweep privacy traces, and boost startup. Speed up with new AI Mode. Smarter & Faster than ever before.

It is real all in one. IObit Advanced SystemCare Free has many features and tools built-in, some of them has no relationship with clean, but useful. You may have a quick check about its tools, maybe you will use them someday in future.

In those tools, I highly recommend you to use IObit Uninstaller to take the place of Windows 11 App Uninstaller. It cleans much cleaner than Windows 11 built-in app uninstaller. When you are using IObit uninstaller, it will uninstall and remove everything of that software, including Registry.

In UI, IObit Advanced SystemCare Free is much more beautiful than Ccleaner. Even though they are quite same for Windows 11 disk cleaning.

Click here to visit IObit Official website

Here, I think one of these two is quite enough for users to do the Windows 11 disk cleanup. And these two are the best free Windows 11 Disk Cleaners in my opinion. I don’t want to recommend so called Top 10 best free Windows 11 Disk Cleaners for you, cause it is not that helpful for you to choose one from ten.

What’s more, I don’t think no other Windows disk cleaners can be better than these two.

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