Best free download software for Windows 11

This article shows you the best free download software for Windows 11. Follow the tutorial, you’ll be able to choose one of the best free download software for Windows 11.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (hereinafter referred to as IDM) is an old and well-known download tool on the Windows platform. It supports automatic capture of the clipboard and the audio and video download links of browsers and streaming media sites, as well as batch and queue downloads, scheduled download tasks, silent downloads, site grabbing and many other functional options. It can be said to be the most powerful on the Windows platform. One of the download tools.

The characteristic is that the download speed is as fast as the speed of light, and it takes seconds to download web resources.If you cooperate with scripts or plug-ins, you can also remove the speed limit problem of Baidu network disk, magnetic link downloads, etc.

In simple terms, its working principle is:

Support HTTP, FTP, HTTPS and MMS protocol original URL point-to-point download methodDivide the file into multiple sections and download them at the same time

Therefore, IDM does not need to download from the server in a P2P download method. If there are more users, the speed will naturally be lost.

You can visit the official website to download Internet Download Manager, 30-day fully functional free trial. Even though IDM is not a freeware for Windows 11, it is still highly recommended to have a try.

Free Download Manager

If you don’t want to pay for downloading software, or feel that IDM’s appearance is too low, you might as well try Free Download Manager (hereinafter referred to as FDM), which has similar functions but is completely free. In addition to the conventional functions such as intelligent speed limit, resumable uploading, scheduled tasks, and web crawling, FDM also supports previewing and playing audio and video files while downloading. In addition, it also supports BT magnetic links, and supports direct browsing of FTP server directories. It is a light and powerful download tool.

You can visit the official website to download Free Download Manager, software for free, while providing macOS version.


EagleGet is a simple and sophisticated download tool. Compared with the above two softwares, EagleGet’s interface is closer to the classic interface of Thunder (of course not Thunder Browser 9), and it also supports theme skinning. Of course, clipboard monitoring, browser integration, audio and video sniffing, batch and queue downloading are also a lot of functions. You can also automatically shut down, hibernate or call security software to kill viruses after downloading.

Unfortunately, EagleGet also does not support magnetism and BT links, which also makes it difficult for me to use it as a main force. If you are a UI control, you can try it.

You can visit the official website to download EagleGet, software is completely free. I am quite sorry that the official site of EagleGet seems down, I have to give you a third party download link.


If you mainly use BT or PT to download, or want to find a tool to make up for the shortcomings of IDM, then μTorrent is your best choice. As a download client specially designed for BitTorrent, it supports various functions such as setting file download priority, intelligent speed control, resumable downloading, RSS subscription, etc. It also greatly optimizes the download speed to achieve full Bandwidth download.

However, if you want to use all the features of μTorrent, you need to subscribe for $19.95 per year. Even if you only want to remove the interface ads, you need to pay an extra $4.95 per year.

You can click to here download μTorrent, software free advertising, while providing macOS, Linux and Android clients.

Persepolis Download Manager

Persepolis Download Manager (hereinafter referred to as PDM) is a zero-configuration GUI client of the famous command line download tool Aria2. Even if you are a novice who knows nothing about command lines, you can easily play it.

First introduce Aria2. This is an open source cross-platform download tool with a small footprint, light size and powerful functions. It supports many download protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. It is a download artifact for geeks.

However, Aria2 needs to learn to use command line operations and write complex configuration files, and the threshold remains high. PDM is an Aria graphical interface client specially designed for the general public. It also supports various functions of Aria2, but all interfaces are intuitive and easy to understand. It is recommended for those who want to try Aria2.

You can download Persepolis Download Manager on GitHub , the software is free and open source, and both macOS and Linux versions are available.


If you often need to download audio and video from streaming media sites, then GUI-YouGet can help you.

It is also a command line packaging software, integrating youtube-dl and You-Get, two well-known command line video website download tools at home and abroad. You only need to paste the URL to download Youku, iQiyi, and Tencent videos with one click. , YouTube and other well-known streaming media sites at home and abroad, for Bilibili and other sites that contain barrage, it can also download barrage locally, which is very convenient.

You can download GUI-YouGet on GitHub . If you are proficient in the command line, you can also directly use the two cores youtube-dl and You-Get that it encapsulates .

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